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The business architect role is vital to business process transformation–Forrester

If you have not yet heard the term “business architect”, you soon will, write John Rymer and Alexander Peters of Forrester Research. Whether business architects report into the business or IT, this emerging role will help usher in organisations’ transition from IT to business technology (BT). Working with the firm’s most senior business process executive – the change agent – and senior business stakeholders, the business architect plays a key part in shaping and fostering continuous improvement and business transformation initiatives.


No matter what the industry, business process professionals need an effective architecture for the business process management (BPM) projects that make up the business change program. Working as the right hand of the business process change agent, the business architect takes the lead in developing that architecture. The business architect fleshes out the business model – often referred to as the target operating model – describing the need for business technology (BT) across the organisation and the role that process plays.


Forrester believes that the business architect role is vital to organisations pursuing BPM programs. These programs are not only seeking to improve and transform cross-functional processes, but also to attempt to control the complexity that increasingly sophisticated technologies introduce and capitalise on relationships with customers and suppliers. In the survey Forrester carried out for this research, we found that organisations that were transforming their businesses, processes and information systems needed the business architect role most acutely.


Read the full article at http://www.computerweekly.com/Articles/2011/08/30/247731/The-business-architect-role-is-vital-to-business-process.htm?printerfriendly=true

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