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Measuring Social Media usage – 80 Sites to pick from

Company Name Platform Name URL
Attensity Market Voice http://www.attensity.com
Attentio Buzz Report http://www.attentio.com
Bivings Group Impactwatch http://impactwatch.com
Biz360 Inc. Biz360 Biz360
Brands Eye Brands Eye http://www.brandseye.com
Brandtology DCMS http://www.brandtology.com
Brandwatch Brandwatch http://www.brandwatch.net
Buzzient Buzzient Enterprise http://www.buzzient.com
BuzzLogic BuzzLogic Insight http://www.buzzlogic.com
BuzzNumbers BuzzNumbers http://www.buzznumbershq.com
Cierzo Development S.L Smmart http://www.smmart.es
Cision Cision Social Media http://us.cision.com/products_services/cision_social_media/overview.asp
Collective Intellect ci/Listen, ci/Learn http://www.collectiveintellect.com
Communispace Communispace http://www.communispace.com/
Converseon Conversation Miner http://www.converseon.com
Crimson Hexagon Voxtrot http://www.crimsonhexagon.com
CustomScoop ClipIQ http://www.customscoop.com
Cymfony Maestro http://www.cymfony.com
Digimind Digimind Meta-Search http://www.digimind.com
DNA13 dnaMonitor http://www.dna13.com/
Dow Jones Dow Jones Insight http://solutions.dowjones.com
eCairn Conversation http://www.ecairn.com
e-CBD Dialogix http://www.dpdialogue.com.au
Echometrix ThePulse http://www.echometrix.com
Emerge Technology Group Socialscape http://www.socialscape.biz
Expert System Cognito Monitor http://www.expertsystem.net
Filtrbox G2 http://www.filtrbox.com
Infegy Social Radar Social Radar
Inifinimedia StartPR http://startpr.com
Integrasco AS WoMPortal  Integrasco
Iterasi Positive Press http://www.iterasi.net
JamIQ JamIQ http://www.jamiq.com
JD Power Umbria http://www.jdpowerwebintelligence.com
Kaleidico Eavesdropper http://kaleidico.com
Lexalytics Lexalytics http://www.lexalytics.com/
Linkfluence Linkfluence http://linkfluence.net
ListenLogic Resonate http://www.listenlogic.com
Macranet Sentiment Metrics http://www.sentimentmetrics.com
Market Sentinel LiveBuzz http://www.marketsentinel.com/
MediaBadger Mediasphere360 http://www.mediabadger.com
MediaMiser MediaMiser Enterprise http://www.mediamiser.com
Mindlab Solutions GmbH netmind Sphere http://www.mindlab.de
Moreover Technologies Newsdesk http://w.moreover.com
Networked Insights SocialSense http://www.networkedinsights.com
New Media Strategies AIM http://newmediastrategies.net
Nielsen My BuzzMetrics http://en-us.nielsen.com/tab/product_families/nielsen_buzzmetrics
Onalytica Direct Access – InfluenceMonitor http://www.onalytica.com
Overdrive Interactive Social Media Dashboard http://www.ovrdrv.com
Overtone Open Mic http://www.overtone.com
Radian6 Radian6 http://www.radian6.com
Raven Raven Raven SEO Tools
Rees Bradley Hepburn Ltd RBH Radar http://www.rbh.co.uk
RepuMetrix RepuTrace, RepuTrack http://www.repumetrix.com
Reputation Defender Reputation Defender http://www.reputationdefender.com
ReputationHQ My Reputation Manager http://reputationhq.com
RightNow RightNow CX http://www.rightnow.com/
Ripple 6 Ripple 6 http://www.ripple6.com/
ScoutLabs ScoutLabs http://www.scoutlabs.com
Social Agency Inc SpredFast http://spredfast.com
SocialMetrix SocialMetrix http://www.SocialMetrix.com
Spiral16 Spark http://www.spiral16.com
Sports Media Challenge Buzz Manager  http://www.sportsmediachallenge.com/buzzmanager/index.html
Springcreek Springcreek http://www.springcreekgroup.com/
Statsit  Monitor http://www.statsit.com
StreamWall StreamWall http://www.socialmediamonitoring.com.au
SWIX SWIX http://swixhq.com/SWIX.html
Synthesio Synthesio Synthesio
Sysomos MAP, Heartbeat http://www.sysomos.com
Tealium Tealium SM http://www.tealium.com/products/social-media/index.html
Techrigy SM2 http://www.techrigy.com
ThoughtBuzz ThoughtBuzz http://www.thoughtbuzz.net
Tinval Sistemes S.L. BrandChats http://www.brandchats.com
TraceBuzz TraceBuzz http://www.tracebuzz.com
Trackur LLC. Trackur Trackur
Viralheat Viralheat http://www.viralheat.com
Visible Technologies TruCast, TruReputation http://www.visibletechnologies.com
Vocus, Inc. Vocus PR http://www.vocus.com/content/social-media.asp
White Noise Inc. White Noise http://www.herdthenoise.com
Whitevector Whitevector http://www.whitevector.com
Who’s Talkin Who’s Talkin Who’s Talkin
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  1. June 22, 2011 at 7:58 am

    Thanks for including Sysomos in here!

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

  2. June 23, 2011 at 11:54 pm

    Thanks for including Synthesio, Bill 🙂

    Michelle @Synthesio

  3. June 24, 2011 at 3:36 am

    Great list, but it seems you missed out AMI Software http://www.amisw.com & Trendybuzz http://www.trendybuzz.com (French companies) 🙂

  4. June 24, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    Thanks for giving us a shout-out! @spiral16

  5. August 1, 2011 at 7:53 am

    Well done Bill, very complete and informative list! And thanks for mentioning Digimind!

    Viet @Digimind_fr

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