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Microsoft SE holds first Enterprise Enablement Virtual Conference

This Tuesday the Greater Southeast District put on its first ever Enterprise Enablement Virtual Conference (facilitated off of our SEProductivity site as well as via Marketing registration). The event reached 526 registered attendees with attendees from the southeast United States as well as additional Microsoft accounts throughout the USA and worldwide. The conference consisted of six channels (each “channel” was comprised of a Lync session that was moderated and maintained all day long) with 6 sessions per channel throughout the day for a total of 36 sessions.

We had tremendous support from the SharePoint community with speakers not only from Microsoft but also partners/MVPs/Community Leaders from across the United States, as well as from Europe and Egypt. In addition to the turnout for the event itself the conference spurred increased access to SEProductivity site content as well.

Some interesting statistics in this regard:

On June 6th, the day before the virtual conference we had 5,897 page views on SEProductivity, a pretty good stat. The day of the virtual conference we had 19, 980! The average number of page views a day over the preceding 30 days was still a healthy 3,321 daily. 1 day post conference (yesterday) 7,331.

Below are a few comments from the event. See you all for the next one this fall!

  • “Building A Enterprise Knowledge Center was a great walk through to get the detail into the pieces that can be configured together to present aggregated content.”
  • “Creating simple dashbaords using out of the box web parts–good examples to use in the real world.  The beauty is using OOB web parts without complicated coding processes.”
  • “Web Forms: Very Interesting presentation. Love Creating Simple Dashboards: Relevant and Interesting Info.”
  • “Ruven’s Metadata was really entertaining/easy to understand/helpful, K2’s HR presentation was great as well with the visuals and real world application, and I liked Michael Gannotti’s Knowledge Center and the step-by-step approach. I definitely learned a great deal.”
  • “I thought the Building an Enterprise Knowledge Center Step by Step was good.  It was short to the point and gave useful information that could be applied in a practical manner.”
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