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Social media tools used to target corporate secrets

clip from USA Today story:

One enterprising gang recently put a twist into spear phishing by noticing that more than a few executives have a penchant for Web link to the executive every time the search engine indexes a Web page containing a fresh news article mentioning the executive.

The intruders figured out how to inject an infection onto such Web pages at just the right moment, so the infection has a low chance of being detected and a high chance of appearing as part of a Google Alert arriving in the executive’s in-box, says Mickey Boodaei, CEO of security firm Trusteer. One way they do this is by putting up an infectious Web page that redirects to a legitimate Web page carrying a news article about the executive; the link between the bad and good sites is enabled just after Google indexing has occurred. “These targeted attacks are very powerful and should be taken very seriously,” Boodaei says.

read full story at http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/technology/2011-03-31-hacking-attacks-on-corporations.htm

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