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The Road Ahead for Enterprise & Business Architecture

With a new year upon us it’s always exciting to look ahead. With the many changes that 2010 brought in EA – more focus on metrics, a trend toward aligning with BPM, etc. – what could be coming next? Here at Metastorm we believe we will see a continuation of the trends from 2010, as well as some interesting new developments. By far, 2011 will be the year of the business driving EA – business and technology objectives, plans and actions will become fused into a cohesive roadmap for success.

Gartner, Inc. recently published its views on what is coming in EA. The report, “Predicts 2011: Enterprise Architecture Shifting Focus to Business Value Outcomes,” November 11, 2010, Philip Allega, Betsy Burton, et al., provides several angles on the evolution of the EA market.  At Metastorm, we are honing in on two key themes that are very present in our customer base and which we will use as the basis to drive innovation in our technology this year.

“2011 will be the year of business driving EA”

EA has historically been a task performed by IT, managing technical portfolios, identifying standards, and the like. While this will continue, EA is being pressed to expose their value to the business, and beyond that genuinely engage and collaborate with the business. As Gartner’s recent report suggests, “…it’s clear that EA is not only about IT anymore, making business engagement more critical than ever.”

Exposing value to the business was an important step taken last year. Using various techniques, EA made it a priority to advertise their value and the cost savings and efficiencies they fostered. 2011 will take this a step further and create true collaboration, at every level, with the business. This will effectively move EA out of the IT realm and into the business. This is extremely exciting and should be seen as a momentous shift. In fact, EA may not even be referred to as “EA” but something entirely different.

“Results based”

In addition to a strong alignment with the business, EA will also need to move towards a more formal approach for measuring its value.  EA groups that don’t celebrate this will be in danger of losing funding. “Results based” is our new paradigm. Funds will move toward departments and projects that are transparent in the value that they are delivering. Also mentioned in Gartner’s report, “as business leaders shift their focus to leading and lagging indicators … EA practitioners will capitalize on this shift.” The idea is to tie EA outcomes to business outcomes and clearly expose the critical role EA played reaching that positive outcome.

In the end it comes down to collaboration and communication. The EA groups that do this the best will be the heroes, and the software and services vendor that best enables this will be rewarded.

At Metastorm, we are excited for the year ahead and believe we are uniquely positioned in the market to enable organizations to embrace these latest trends. Creating a tighter relationship between business and IT has long been our strategy – and the work we have done with our software portfolio in the past year goes even further to blend the groups into a cohesive team working toward the same objectives.  With a Smart Business Workspace that powers EA, BPA and BPM and provides people with a tailored view into the information, tools and metrics they need to deliver and measure value, Metastorm Enterprise software will be the foundation of the future for EA at organizations worldwide.

Source: http://www.becauseprocessmatters.com/the-road-ahead-for-enterprise-business-architecture/

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