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The Internet Goes to War!!

If you weren’t paying attention recently, the Internet has gone to war.

ABC News proclaimed  “Welcome to Infowar, Version 1.0″. Fox warned of the “growing data war”. And the Guardian provided minute by minute coverage on the opening salvos of this first “Internet-wide Cyber War”.

Of course, all of the above headlines refer to the rash of DDoS attacks both against the Wikileaks web site and the retaliatory strikes against hosting and commercial institutions that severed ties with the organization.

So are we now in a permanent state of cyber-war? As the San Francisco Chronicle asks, do sixteen year old hackers now control the fate of humanity from their laptops?

For the whole story, including lots of data and graphics (like the one below), go to the Source cited below.


Source: http://asert.arbornetworks.com/2010/12/the-internet-goes-to-war/

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