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240 million Windows 7 licenses sold in first 12 months

When most companies ship a piece of software they’d be more than happy with a few hundred thousand copies sold, maybe a million as a target. But when you’re Microsoft multiple millions is what counts. Windows 7 is not disappointing in that regard with licenses topping 240 million in just 12 months.

Windows 7 celebrated its first anniversary on October 22nd and for Microsoft it’s the fastest selling operating system they have ever released. License sales cover everything from the cheaper OEM copies that ship with PCs through to the boxed copies that sell at a higher price at retail. In every case it’s a varying amount of profit for Microsoft and a step closer to recouping development costs.

Gavriella Schuster, general manager of Windows Product Management commented:

I think Windows 7 has exceeded expectations. People from the very beginning have had an optimistic forecast. I actually felt in the beginning we needed to temper expectations a bit… but a year later, we’re on track. We’re right where we thought we would be. It’s been a good year – it’s a year to celebrate.

Microsoft is also keen to share some statistics to mark the one-year anniversary. Windows 7:

  • Has a customer satisfaction rate of 94%
  • Is on more than 1.2 billion Windows PCs worldwide
  • Is on 93 percent of new consumer PCs, as of September
  • Has over 17 percent of the global operating system share
  • Has inspired nearly 90 percent of companies to upgrade or start upgrading to the new OS
  • On average, can save companies US$140 per PC per year, and a 131 percent return on investment in the first year

Pasted from <http://www.geek.com/articles/news/240-million-windows-7-licenses-sold-in-first-12-months-20101025/>

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